Site Planning

Next-Gen Preconstruction Services

Whether it’s the construction industry as a whole or your property, we’re in the business of transformation. It all starts with analyzing your site and crafting the perfect plan to maximize your investment. Utilizing the latest tech, like aerial drones, photogrammetry, TestFit technology, and AI analysis, we turn weeks of planning into days, and guesswork into precise evaluations.

3D Site Mapping
Elevate Your
Vantage Point.

Have a plot or property to survey? Get it done quickly and benefit your bottom line. With the help of aerial drones, lidar mapping, and photogrammetry, you'll cut the time and effort of a typical survey team down to an hour-long, one-man process. Once complete, you'll receive a pinpoint accurate 3D representation of your site and our expert analysis.

Site Balancing Analysis
Minimize Costs.
Maximize Possibilities.

Rugged, uneven plot? We'll show you just how much potential is hidden beneath the surface. Once 3D site mapping is complete, our experts go to work utilizing your data to optimize your site, maximizing the area you can build on. With this, we balance your site, minimizing land brought in and maximizing the return on land taken out.

Testfit Site Layout
Explore Every
Possibility at Once.

Unmatched, immediate cost insights, visibility into every opportunity in your plot, and real-time 3D renders - our partnership with TestFit™ takes our expertise to another level.

Using the Al-driven TestFit system, we'll build your site from parcel data to evaluate design schemes and their financial impact immediately. We compare the cost of production with your estimated ROI data to produce a return timeline and pro forma valuation in real-time. From there, we'll iterate all potential concept designs rapidly while considering zoning, building code, unit mixes, and other parameters. Then, the fun part — we'll bring your build to life in fully comprehensive and detailed 3D renderings.

Pricing & Report
Plan with

Quick planning makes for a quicker start to your build. Utilizing Al technology, we identify your break-even point, craft a complete project timeline, and provide a full cost analysis report so you can get started on what matters most - getting the job done right.

Ground Breaking Starts Here

If you’re wondering where to start, we’ve got your back. Need us to pick up where someone left off? We can help with that too. We’ll craft a game plan fit for your practical and financial realities.

For project examples, questions, and more, reach out today.